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We always sprayed epoxy primer over bare metal for corrosion protection. A quart cost $90.00 and you have to wait 24 hours before you can sand it. When our jobber introduced us to the RBL Pre-treatment wipes we thought it was to good to be true. You just wipe the bare metal area with the pretreatment wipe, wait a few seconds and you can spray primer or base coat over it.

Rico A. Three C's Collision Center New York

A large part of our business is dealership new car prep. Once we were introduced to the RBL Detail Foaming wax we took it to our dealership prep customers. They loved it. Detail waxing a car now take less than 2 minutes. There is nothing that comes close.

Bill D. Auto Color Jobbers, Michigan

Every car we paint gets buffed with a polish. Traditional polishers can burn paint on edges and produce wheel marks in dark colors. This is an industry wide nightmare. RBL products introduced a random orbital polisher that you can't burn an edge or produce a wheel mark. All of our prep guys are using the RBL polisher and the results are a perfect paint job every time

Dave B. Avenue Collision, Ontario Canada

Since we purchased the RBL Pro Polisher/ Nibber kit our paint jobs out of the booth not only look great put take 1/3 of the time to de-niib and polish. The one step ease is a blessing.

Steve B. A&J Collision, Ohio

RBL Products, located in Detroit, MI offers the industry's best line of collision and repair products.

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